4-5 Months Later

In the final few weeks leading up to the summer exams my unusual exam strategy had resumed, and it’s fair to say that that my pillow has consistently had a good covering of hair each morning. The minoxidil and dietary supplement strategy had not hugely improved things..! Right then, however, my main concern was getting through the final exams.

Conclusions: My girlfriend at the time had told me that if I took Propecia then she would no longer sleep with me. This clearly meant that Propecia was temporarily out the window. I had found that the more itchiness / pain in my scalp I experienced, the greater the extent of my hair loss. Therefore, it seemed fairly clear to me that I needed to find out what was causing my scalp to hurt, and to remove these things from my life!

Foreword to the rest of this website: I spent the next 6 years working out the various different factors causing my scalp to itch and and my hair to fall out. Believe me – there are many contributing things! I have found that I have become incredibly perceptive to my hair follicles. Yes – I am probably unhealthy obsessed with hair loss.  And you will come to realise just how much thought and experimentation I have put into this as you read on! However, I do think about other things; I am not devoting my entire life to not going bald. Well, not quite anyway!

Also, I have not fully succeeded yet. As I write this, I can feel a slight tingle in the top of my scalp – of rare feeling now – telling me that something isn’t quite right. However, at least now I know exactly what has caused it, and if I had the been a bit more disciplined in the last couple of days, it wouldn’t be there at all!