Factors combined

Watching porn

When hair loss begins to strike, it’s normally due to a combination of factors.

I’ll give you an example of a 3 days which would definitely begin to loose my hair:

  • Waking up each morning to an alarm wanting an additional hour’s sleep.
  • Masturbating to porn 3 nights in a row.
  • Too much Tinder just before bed.
  • Having a large pack of peanuts during each day, or another large portion of fatty food, and eating too much in general.
  • Spending hours after work trawling through the internet looking at cars for sale, holidays, peoples’ Facebook activities etc.

Done! That’s it – if I was to have this lifestyle for 3 consecutive days I would start to get scalp itches, possibly pains in my scalp, and ultimately my hair loss will increase.

My message here is that if you want to loose your hair quickly, just take as many of the hair loss factors mentioned on this site, implement them. 3 months of doing this and you will begin to see some significant effect. Alternatively, to prevent hair loss

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