Hour Glass Theory

When I begin to loose hair, I like to tell myself “right it’s time to empty the hour glass!”. What do I mean by this? In short, I have found that when my scalp is in a hair loss state, it takes a few days to get back to a condition where I my scalp is health again. I call this the Hour Glass Phase. stock-photo-hourglass-with-dripping-water-close-up-117169675

During this phase, I tell myself that all I need is 2-3 days of living healthily in order to revert back to a healthy, hair retaining condition. I like to imagine that whatever chemicals, factors restricting blood flow that are present in my scalp are effectively draining out like you would see in an hour glass. However, the hour glass takes days rather than minutes.

Conversely, if I begin to eat poorly, sleep poorly, get overly stressed etc., then I see this as effectively pouring in the ‘the bad stuff into the top of the hour glass. It is also worh nothing that I have found that it is much faster to put yourself into a hair loss condition than it is to remove yourself from the hair loss state.